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This is to inform you all that we are registered as not-for-profit organization in Canada 🇨🇦 bearing Canadian Registered Charities CRA # 70540 5934 RR001

For more information please call this phone #: 905-232-3999 Or +1 (647) 200-4956 or email us at:

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Human Necessity Foundation

The Human Necessity Foundation Inc. – Canada was founded and established operations in May 2019 as a NOT-FOR-PROFIT, CRA # 70540 5934 RR0001 organization. Our purpose is to provide clean drinking water to people in need. This severe water problem was highlighted by the media where in some areas death was pronounced due to people not having access to clean drinking water, especially in the remote areas of Pakistan. Therefore the foundation commenced, installing Solar Water Plants worldwide. The objective of the foundation is very clear, to help people who are becoming victims of drinking contaminated water and those that have no water. People that have no access to clean drinking water, no electricity and no proper roads deserve the most basic requirement for life, WATER.

the Human Necessity Foundation supports & contributes in toronto/GTA as well as globally.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

With the outbreak and spread of this infectious disease, almost all the countries around the world seemed to implement lockdown procedures, Canada was no exception. With lockdown comes severe economic/financial difficulties. 

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We do extraordinary things. We don’t make promises, we DELIVER!


We see a world where the most basic requirement for life (drinking water) will be available to everyone.

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Indeed there are several thousand social welfare institutions that are trying to solve and fix problems facing third world countries. What sets us apart is the revolutionary way we help people with the most basic requirement for life, WATER. We do this by installing Solar Water Plants. We not only install a pump, we construct a water filtration/distribution center in addition to the pump. By doing so, we make it an effortless, painless and trouble free experience to collect purified drinking water. It’s as easy as turning the tap. These pumps are installed where there is no access to clean drinking water, no electricity, and no proper roads.


The Human Necessity Foundation’s mission is to provide clean drinking water through Solar Water Plants to people in need.


Completed Solar Water Plants


Help us with this revolutionary way of delivering water to those less fortunate.

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